Suggestions for Parents

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Here are some suggestions for parents to make any pupil's learning more effective and enjoyable. Each idea, will help provide a foundation for what we - your partners in education, are doing in school.

Promote reading at home.

Give books as presents and take the family to the local library regularly. Establish the habit of daily reading to the children and encourage them to spend some time with a book before lights out, each night.

Show interest in your child's daily activities and discuss/display work they have brought home.

Express interest in the content, helping young learners to feel good about themselves. Display their work to show them how proud you are and to develop their self esteem. Don't be too critical about mistakes in grammar and spelling.

After school excursions, talk about the things that were seen or done. One of the most valuable results of children's outings is found in their use of language to relive and make sense of the experience.

Cultivate the children's curiosity.

Encourage them to ask questions, to wonder about things, to have hunches ………. and then check them out. Spend time to discover new things with them.

Encourage imaginative play.

When children dress up or play different types of make-believe games, they are developing the creative side of their personality.

Be supportive and encouraging when assisting with homework. If you intend to help your children with homework, be supportive and encouraging, rather than anxious and critical. Check methods being taught in the classroom, especially in mathematics, before showing "the way we used to do it at school."

Put the television firmly in its place.

The box in the corner can be a wonderful servant but a monstrous master. A balanced viewing program leaves plenty of time for homework, hobbies, reading, play and family conversation.

Distinguish between pressure and encouragement.

Above all, understand the difference between pressure (which can destroy self confidence and the excitement of learning) and encouragement (which stimulates growth and true achievement).