The newsletter is emailed to our families every second Thursday and uploaded also on the Compass Parent Portal and website. This contains vital information and helps keep you informed of the special aspects and activities of the school.


Information about important events and class activities or excursions are sent via Compass a few weeks before the events take place. If you are ever in doubt about a particular activity or event, please contact the school.



Parent Programs/Sessions

From time to time throughout the year we run special programs/sessions for parents.  Information about these programs/sessions is advertised in our Newsletter or sent home as special notices.



Student LED Conferences/Written Reports


Formal detailed written reports are provided in June and December. All areas of the curriculum are reported on in relation to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards which is the guidelines for curriculum in all Government schools in Victoria. Other written reports are provided if considered necessary, some utilising an Individual Learning Plan.


Teachers organise formal reporting times twice a year to enable them to discuss with parents their child's individual progress. Prior to these days you will be able to book a session through Compass, however appointments can be made at any time throughout the year whenever you wish to discuss your child's progress.




Parent-Teacher Contact


Communication between teachers and parents is a vital part of your child's development. It is therefore advisable to discuss any concerns or relevant information about your child with their teacher. Times to do this vary. Informal discussions are welcome, although not during class time. Please feel free to make an appointment to talk to your child's teacher any time.


Before school or after school are more convenient times for teachers. Should you require a more formal arrangement to occur, then ring the school for an appointment.


Appointments to see the Principal or Assistant Principal may also be made if the need arises. Teachers also welcome the chance to discuss programs with parents and while this is usually done at the beginning of the year, you may discuss this at any time with teachers, providing an appointment has been pre-arranged.