General Information

Books/Personal Supplies


Details about purchasing your child’s classroom materials and requisites are distributed in term 4 each school year. Should your child run out of supplies, damage or lose requisites, you will need to replace them. 



Enrolment/Information Form


All information concerning your child should be listed on the enrolment form, including home/business and emergency contact phone numbers. Any known medical problems and the necessary treatment, should also be included.



Updating Information


It is critical that we have up-to-date information in regard to parent contact numbers, your address and emergency contact numbers. Please ensure that you notify us as soon as any changes occurs on the Student Update Information Family Details





If you are moving to a new location and you need to transfer your child to another school, please notify our school office as soon as you know. You will be requested to fill out a student transfer exit form prior to your child's exit from Thomas Mitchell.  Please ensure your child returns library books or any school resources before leaving.



Messages for Children


From time to time parents phone the school to give messages to children. Unfortunately messages can only be given to students in emergency situations. Sometimes parents want to alter the arrangements about picking up children after school. The only message that we can give children in relation to this is in the event that the normal pick-up arrangements cannot be adhered to and children are not aware of this. In this case we will tell students to either wait at the office or go to the after school care program available at school (children will need to have been enrolled in this program beforehand, either as a regular or as a casual attender).



Lost Property


Valuable pieces of clothing are found in our school each day. Many of them are not named. It helps us to help you if you name your child's belongings. Lost property is stored in the corridor between the Art Room and the Library. At the end of each term items of clothing not collected are sent to charity organisations.



Personal Items Brought to School


Private property brought to school by students is not insured nor is the school or the Department of Education responsible for any loss. It is advisable to ensure children do not bring valuable items such as electronic games/expensive toys to school.



Change of Clothing


Our school grounds become wet and muddy during the winter months. This creates a problem as we do not have sufficient clothing to cater for those children who get wet. To help us overcome this we request that all children have a change of clothes in their bags during the wet weather.


If your child receives a change of clothing from school, we would appreciate it if you would wash and return them to school as quickly as possible, as our supply of clothing is very limited.



Late Arrivals / Early Leavers


If your child arrives at school late we ask you to bring your child to the school office where they will be signed in and given a late pass before proceeding to their classroom.


When collecting your child prior to 3.30pm you are required to sign out your child using the Compass Kiosk at Reception before going to the classroom.  Teachers will not release a child without an early slip.


Should you need to collect your child during a lunch or recess break, it helps everyone if you can phone ahead to avoid searching the school grounds for your child during break times.


The school will not release a child early to anyone other than a parent/guardian.  In the event someone else is required to collect a child please contact us to let us know the details.


If your child returns to school please sign them back in at the office using the Compass Kiosk.



Absentee Notices


If your child is going to be absent please let us know prior to 9am of the day of their absence.  You can do this by:

  • Advise us by phone of your child’s absence and pressing Option 1. Please make sure you tell us why your child is absent prior to 9.00am so we can accurately record their absence.
  • Our preferred option is that you record your child’s absence through the Compass App.


If your child will be going on holidays during the school term, please contact the office to complete an absent form.


The school will send a notification to parents of all children who are absent without an explanation.  Please respond to these notifications as soon as you receive them.