Thomas Mitchell Primary School has developed a policy to support students with disabilities or require adjustments to the classroom and school setting through inclusive education. Inclusive education means that all members of our school community are valued and supported to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed within an inclusive school culture. 

Inclusion for these students is not just for the benefit of the child with disabilities, it has advantages for everybody. For students, staff and parents it means a chance to gain a real understanding of differences between people.  It enables them to regard differences as a personal quality, like the colour of one’s eyes or hair and not as a disability.


Who is the PSD funding for

PSD funding is available for schools who are supporting children with disability and high needs. There are seven categories of eligibility criteria.


  • Physical disability:
  • Visual impairment:
  • Hearing impairment:
  • Severe behaviour disorder:
  • Intellectual disability:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder:
  • Severe language difficulties with critical educational needs