Students begin by focussing on the letters of the alphabet, learning both the name of the letter and the sound that it makes. This will lead students to beginning to put sounds together to make words, and words together to make a sentence. Students will be learning to identify commonly used words in the books we read as a class and will be encouraged to begin developing independent reading behaviours. They will be introduced to reading strategies and start to read short predictable texts. Students will be exposed to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and learn to identify and explain their features.


Students will be learning how to hold their pencil with the correct grip and form letters from the correct starting point, using Victorian Modern Cursive. Students will be exposed to, and then begin to create a range of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, including illustrations that strongly support their printed text. They will begin to experiment with capital letters and full stops.





Students begin by playing with objects and drawing pictures to develop links between their immediate environment, everyday language and mathematical activity.


Students classify and sort objects into sets and form simple correspondences between them. They decide when two sets are of equal size, or one is smaller or bigger than another. They develop an understanding of the concepts of number and numeral, count, order, add and share using small sets of objects, creating and continuing simple patterns.


Students compare common objects with respect to length, mass and capacity, and order events and compare their duration. They make rough estimates and simple measurements with respect to informal units. Students name, sort and describe familiar everyday shapes and objects, and describe position and movement in their immediate environment.


Students investigate situations requiring data collection and presentation in simple displays and recognise unpredictability and uncertainty in some events.


In Prep, students will also participate in the following programs:

  • History
  • Health
  • Geography
  • Digital Technologies
  • Design and Technologies
  • Library
  • Resilience Rights & Respectful Relationships