Year 5

During 2023, Year 5 students will build on a variety of skills through engaging and challenging activities. 


In Reading, students will consolidate their knowledge of making inferences and summarising and begin to look at how bias and prejudice can be identified. Students will continue to be exposed to a range of text types and genres in order to foster a love of reading and be supported in building on their vocabulary and understanding of the text features and figurative language used by authors. 


During Writing lessons, students will build on their use of a range of higher level vocabulary and punctuation in a variety of text types, including, narratives, expositions, informational texts and poetry. Students will be supported in taking their writing from the planning stage, to drafting, editing and publishing. 


Mathematics in Year 5 consolidates student’s skills in the four operations and builds on their understanding of fractions, decimals and money. Moreover, students will continue to be extended in the areas of shape, measurement, location and statistics and probability, including the collation of data and interpretation of different types of graphs and charts. 


In Year 5, students will also participate in the following programs: 

  • Health 
  • Robotics 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Digital Technology 
  • Civics & Citizenship 
  • Economics 
  • Library 
  • Respectful Relationships